Bill Fellows is available for speaking engagements for your sales meeting, client conference or internal meeting, as well as industry conferences. His topics include:


Creating a Top-of-Mind Brand - Bill discusses how to create a Top-of-Mind Brand by avoiding or overcoming Brand Limiters. Using proprietary research among sales and marketing executives, he looks at the greatest challenges of branding and the key Brand Limiters. He leads the audience through a process of becoming and remaining a Top-of-Mind Brand for the long-term by avoiding or overcoming these Brand Limiters.


Top-of-Mind Branding is Everyone’s Business – Top-of-Mind Branding® cannot be left to just the Marketing Department (no offense to the Marketing Department!). Every part of the company, especially those that interact with customers/clients, must take ownership for how they impact the brand. Bill discusses a process for overcoming Brand Limiters and a holistic approach to Top-of-Mind Branding® that includes everyone’s contribution.


Top-of-Mind Branding® is a Process, Not a Project – Many companies treat branding as a project. Do research, develop a new logo and communications material, and you have it made. This approach to “Branding as a Project” does not work. Bill takes the audience through the Top-of-Mind Branding® process that focuses on brand alignment and requires ongoing measurement and adaptation to meet changing customer requirements and new marketplace challenges.



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