Bill Fellows

Bill Fellows – Top-of-Mind Branding® Leader

The vast majority of Bill’s career has been on the client side so he knows the practical realities of developing and implementing a brand and living with it over time. This wealth of experience gives him the practical skills, tools and insights for creating and sustaining a Top-of-Mind brand for the long run.


On the corporate side, Bill has developed and implemented Top-of-Mind Brands at American International Group, American Re/Munich Re America, Ernst & Young, and Kepner-Tregoe.


As a consultant, he has worked with Application Solutions Group, Direct Fac Inc., Manchester Specialty Programs, Philadelphia Insurance Companies and Werner & Pfleiderer.


Unlike many consultants who create a brand strategy and move on to the next project with another company in a few months, Bill has a long-term commitment to making his clients’ brands Top-of-Mind in their niches. He knows that no matter how well the initial branding phases go, there will be changes in subsequent years that can cause Brand Limiters to emerge.


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