Brand Limiters

No Brand Limiter

Brand Limiters are the enemy of Top-of-Mind Brands. Even some of the best brands are affected by these at one time or another. How well they react and adjust determines the long-range impact.


From our experience and research among senior sales and marketing executives*, we found that the Brand Limiters that have the greatest negative impact on branding are (in rank order):

  1. A weak value proposition
  2. Lack of differentiation
  3. Lack of brand alignment with operations (sales, customer service, etc.)
  4. Poor marketing communications
  5. Changing brand focus too often
  6. Ineffective market segmentation
  7. Failure to refresh the brand often enough
  8. Over extension of the brand


The good news is that all of these areas are within your control. By treating branding as a process (not a project) you can avoid or overcome Brand Limiters and make your brand Top-of-Mind.



* Challenges and Opportunities in Effective Branding, September 2011.



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