Top-of-Mind Branding®

3 section pyramidIn every market category there are three tiers of brands:
  1. Brands that are mentioned when the market category is given. We call these Top-of-Mind Brands
  2. Brands that buyers know if given the name
  3. Brands that buyers are unaware of

Being a Top-of-Mind Brand means buyers remember you and have a preference for your products or services when they have a need. No search engines. No catalog listings. Often not even referrals. They go right to you and other Top-of-Mind Brands in your category first. If their need is not met, then they start to search for alternatives.


Top-of-Mind Brands are an elite group. Our research among sales and marketing executives shows that less than one-third of brands in a given category are Top-of-Mind Brands.


Being a Top-of-Mind Brand


If you are in the second or third tier of brands and want to be a Top-of-Mind Brand or are already a Top-of-Mind Brand and want to stay there, we can help.


From our experience and research there are eight potential trouble areas that can prevent your brand from being Top-of-Mind. We call these Brand Limiters.


And that is where we come in. When you work with Top-of-Mind Branding® you get an independent, expert view of how Brand Limiters are impacting your brand and how you can avoid or overcome them. We work with you beyond the “get-in-shape” phase to assure your brand is a Top-of-Mind Brand for the long term.


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